Teaching and Learning Styles: VARK Strategies

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Teaching and Learning Styles: VARK Strategies

by Neil D Fleming.
ISBN 0-473-07956-9
128 pages
Printed book

This is a book written to support teachers, trainers and coaches who are using or intending to use VARK.

The book backgrounds the development of the VARK questionnaire and the strategies that should be used by trainers, tutors, teachers and coaches to cope with the differences in learning among their students. Successful strategies are documented and there are case studies and techniques to explain how to match the students’ needs for variety in presentations. Teachers, trainers and students will benefit from chapters on the differences between V, A, R and K and there are descriptions of research projects that are useful for those who are interested in the field of learning preferences. The book has ample illustrations and practises what it preaches.

The chapters cover:

  • What is VARK?
  • Teachers and their VARK characteristics
  • Implications for teaching
  • The development of VARK
  • The research basis
  • Links to some other systems
  • Understanding visual, aural, read/write, kinesthetic and multimodal preferences
  • Issues and caution

A full bibliography and the research basis for VARK are included.

The book is a printed version that will be mailed to you after purchasing. A downloadable PDF version of the book is also available.