Neil D Fleming is best known worldwide for the design of the VARK questionnaire and its support materials that can be used interactively. The website hosts over one million people annually who complete the online questionnaire and a much larger number who visit and use the online resources. It is this work that has seen him invited to present keynote presentations and workshops in a number of countries and venues.  Now he is designing VARK’s first webinars. He has used VARJ worked with Microsoft, Times Warner, Volvo (Sweden), Computer Plus…

At Lincoln University, New Zealand he re-established a faculty development center (1987-98), developed a five-year Strategic Plan for Information Technology and an ambitious web-based learning project called PROJECT LEARN which saw a significant number of that university’s compulsory subjects placed on the World Wide Web so that students had more options for effective learning.

From November 2001to 2014 he has embarked on an ambitious series of workshop tours to such places as the USA, UK, Australia, Turkey, Thailand, India and the Caribbean and has completed fourteen tours using spring and fall as the best seasons for his work. A sample of the key institutions that he has worked with is appended below.

He has been a conference and workshop presenter at international conferences in the UK, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Australia, Canada and the USA. He has presented at POD and Lilly Conferences in the USA. He was also one of four invited presenters at the Kansas State organized, IDEA Conferences at San Antonio, Baltimore and San Diego. He was the invited guest presenter at the International Faculty Development week held at the University of the West Indies (St Augustine campus), Trinidad-Tobago and again at the Barbados and the Jamaican campuses of that university. The 2004 and a 2005 Northern Hemisphere workshop tours involved two weeks working with school psychologists in Lillehammer, Norway. He was invited as the keynote speaker at the Conference of International University Teachers (IUT) at Pittsburgh in 2005. In 2006 and 2007 he completed a tour of the UK with workshops on learning at a number of institutions including Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds University and the University of Dundee. At Leeds Metropolitan University (September 2007) he was the keynote speaker to their faculty development conference. Over 600 faculty attended the session. His North American workshops in 2008 were presented at Windsor University (Canada), two Cengage (publishers) Conferences (Orlando and Austin), and at Broward Community College, Florida. In 2008 he presented his interactive workshops at six colleges in India and in 2009 and 2011 he worked in several US businesses, colleges and universities.

As an independent educational consultant he has been in demand in the Pacific and Asia with project evaluation work for NZ aid agencies and the Asian Development Bank on learning in Samoa, Fiji, Turkey, Brunei, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Norway, India, The Cook Islands, Tonga and Malaysia.

 The application of his learning principles to training, coaching and mentoring has seen him as adviser and workshop presenter to a number of professional elite sports teams. This included a workshop for skill-acquisition and sports-science staff at the Australian Institute of Sport – the Australian government funding body for Olympic sports and also at the UK Government organisation charged with presenting a framework for coaching qualifications – SportsCoach UK.  Elite sports teams and coaches that use his VARK learning preferences are: US Olympic Basketball team, Wallabies (Rugby), Australian Institute of Sport, New Zealand Academy of Sport (SPARC), Netball Australia, New Zealand Rowing, England and Wales Cricket Board, Australian Cricket, Royal Yacht Associations (UK), Australian Tennis…

As a scholar with an international perspective and reputation, his writing can be found in the key faculty development journals in Britain, North America and Australasia. His most recent contribution was a chapter on Biases in Grading for a UK-publication Assessment Matters edited by Sally Brown.

 Neil has written best-selling educational textbooks on Consumer Education and Economics. He has authored books for the general public, for faculty, students and most recently VARK for business applications. His collection of effective and practical communication and training strategies is included in the book 55 Strategies for Teaching that is used by many effective teachers. The seminal work on VARK was published in 1992 as Not Another Inventory, Rather a Catalyst for Reflection, in To Improve the Academy, Vol. 11, 1992, page 137.

 He has a deep interest in learning and faculty development and a passion for solid-wood furniture making, beekeeping and family.


 Numerous and Varied


(Note: The number in parentheses indicates repeat visits.)

  •  Akron University (2),
  • Albuquerque Institute.
  • Becker College.
  • Broward Community College (4).
  • Case Western Reserve University (Cleveland) (3).
  • Community College of Allegheny County
  • Cincinnati Community College,
  • Clark University.
  • Dalhousie University, Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, (2)
  • Emerson College, (Boston) (3)
  • Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore.
  • Lewis and Clark University, St Louis.
  • Naugatuck College (Connecticut).
  • Ohio University and its four regional campuses (2)
  • Palo Alto Community College
  • Parker Chiropractic College, Dallas (2).
  • South Western Illinois College (2).
  • Southern Illinois University.
  • St Louis University (2).
  • St Mary’s University, Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada.
  • Tallahassee Community College
  • The University of West Indies (Barbados Campus) (2)
  • The University of West Indies (Kingston Campus).
  • The University of West Indies (Trinidad-Tobago Campus) (2)
  • Tufts University.
  • University of Missouri at Rolla.
  • University of Missouri at St Louis.
  • University of New Orleans.
  • University of Northern Arizona.
  • University of South Florida.
  • University of Texas at Austin.
  • University of Texas at San Antonio. (2)
  • Webster University.
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute. (2)
  • Leeds Metropolitan University (2)
  • Leeds University (2)
  • Portsmouth University
  • University of Dundee (2)
  • Neath-Port Talbot College – Wales
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • West Suffolk College
  • National College of Ireland – Dublin Eire

 INDIA (Workshops 2008)

  • Dehradun High School
  • DPS RK Param, New Delhi
  • Surat High School, Surat
  • International High School, Calcutta
  • Sanskriti School, Guwhaiti, Assam
  • Patiala High School, Patiala


  • Australian Institute of Sport, Olympic Development Squad.
  • SportsCoach UK (UK Government-funded body for coaching in all sports).
  • All Blacks (NZ Rugby)
  • Wallabies (Australian National Rugby Squad)
  • Australian Cricket (National Coaching organization)
  • South Australian Institute of Sport (State-funded coaching organization)
  • Academy of Sport, NZ (Government-funded National Coaching organization)
  • Collingwood Australian Football League team, Melbourne Australia.
  • Victorian Institute of Sport


Updated January 2015.

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