How can VARK help my Business?

  • enhance my staff (and my own) communication skills.
  • increase awareness that others may not share my preferences for communicating
  • improve team performance
  • enhance compatibilities
  • improve our new-hire processes
  • increase the range of strategies that are used for communicating within the business
  • reduce conflicts that are merely based on differences in our preferences.

Why not find out your own preferences for communicating by ordering a VARK Profile. It is quick and informative and for approximately $US13.50 it may change some aspects of your own communication style. It is here at:  A VARK Profile

You may think VARK is for students and teachers but VARK is basically a communication tool.  You could use VARK in your HR department to find out about the communication preferences of your new-hires.  One architectural firm used VARK to survey new-hires and found some had very low preferences for working with images and plans!

You may find that you have some staff (or clients) who are mismatched with those with whom they work.  You could use VARK to unblock communication channels among your staff and work teams.  You may want some input into forming work teams that have chance of success. For example, two staff were often involved in time-wasting arguments. One had a VARK high preference for talk and a low preference for using print.  She wanted to have things explained – to be told. Her colleague thought talk was a waste of time and insisted that she read his written plans for action. You can imagine what happened.  If you are interested, explore this site.

If you are interested in VARK for students and teachers, please visit our website.